Why I Haven’t Cut My Son’s Hair

baby boy with long hair

Certified hunk, indeed.

Now that Max is over a year old, he has, admittedly, long hair. The sides have grown out faster than the back so that he has two long strands framing the sides of his face. Our nanny is fond of tying his hair up in a variety of single to triple topknots and sideknots. Sometimes, he even looks like Princess Leia or Pippi Longstocking. I can’t help but think it’s quite adorable.

However, I have also received numerous comments and pressure (mainly from family) about cutting Max’s long locks. I have been resistant to these remarks because, secretly, I love his long hair.

baby boy with long hair in top knots

My cutie patootie

When I was giving birth to Max, the very first thing Mr. C ever said to me about Max was, “I can see his hair!”

And when Max was finally born, one of the first things I noticed was his slick helmet of thick black hair. Most babies are bald or have a few measly strands of hair (no offense). But not my Max, with his gorgeous head of perfectly styled hair! And as the months passed, Max’s hair grew into the quintessential pop star hairstyle with multiple shaggy layers and tons of volume.

long baby boy hair

Hair that defies the laws of gravity

Now that it has fully grown out, Max’s hair is soft, silky and fine with auburn highlights (like me), but has great body and volume (like Mr. C). Essentially, the best qualities of both of our hair.

It is hair that I envy (the volume!) and love. I love nothing more than to see his fabulously messy hair when he wakes up from a nap. Or to come home from work and find him in another wacky hairstyle concocted by our nanny. Or to be able to trickle my fingers through his long, beautiful strands of silky hair. I. Just. Love. It.

baby boy with long hair

Right before I cut his bangs

It is also, I am sure, a major contributing factor to why most people think he’s a girl.

So maybe I’m being selfish when I don’t want to cut his hair. But I can’t help it.

We will cut his hair soon enough and he will have the typical “boy” cut. Which I am sure will still look ridiculously cute on him (ahem, I get to say that, it’s called mommy bias).

So please just let me savor this short-lived precious moment in his life, where it shouldn’t matter what his hair looks like, for as long as I can!

baby boy with long hair

Rocking the stylish bob

Sadly, I was convinced to cut his bangs a few months ago to keep his hair out of his eyes. I did a terribly shoddy job, but mommy bias is in full force because I can’t help think he still looks stinkin’ cute! 😛

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