Where to Buy Holle Formula in the USA: Organic Start Review

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Since writing my Holle Infant Formula Review, I’ve received many inquiries from my readers about where they can buy Holle formula in the United States. Until recently, I did not have any good answers.

The problem with ordering from overseas is that it can be very nerve-wracking. Especially when you can’t be certain of delivery times or that customs won’t open or irradiate your package. And since the FDA does not allow for the commercial sale of Holle (or HiPP) formula in the US, finding a reliable and reputable source for European formula can be difficult. I would never feel safe about buying formula off eBay and I can’t be sure that most sites are selling authentic or non-irradiated formula.

This is where Organic Start (formerly known as Organic Munchkin) comes in. Peter, the owner of Organic Start, reached out to me about featuring his site as a seller of Holle and HiPP formula. After speaking with (“vetting”) him, I feel confident in recommending Organic Start for Holle and HiPP formula to my readers.

Organic Start has some of the lowest prices I’ve seen for Holle, HiPP, and Lebenswert formula sold in the US when purchased in bulk. They offer free USPS Priority shipping and ship same day for orders placed before 3:00PM EST on Monday-Saturday.

These are the following questions I asked Peter to ensure safety, authenticity and reliability:

Q: Where do you purchase your Holle from? (Can you provide me with your most recent proof of purchase of such orders?)

Peter: I buy Holle from 2-3 different Holle distributors in Europe. My family was in the European food business owning several brick and mortar European stores in the past in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have a network of importers and this was my obvious choice to go to my family and ask to import formula for my babies to save money since I had triplets. I then sold so much to friends and family that the obvious choice was to adapt my online skills, with my family skills, and create Organic Start. I cannot share with you the exact source as that would be a trade secret. I will however attach several images to this email that will suffice and show you some of our “packages that come in through air.” Others come in from sea-freight that I will explain below.

These are just some of the many pictures he sent me:






Q: How do you ensure the formula has not been irradiated?

Peter: The formula hasn’t been irradiated because we ship through containers and not air 90% of the time. Containers as you can imagine are not part of the belt of x-rays but more of manual checkups. They also see our paperwork for baby formula and manually check it instead as per our requests. Sometimes, as you will see in some pictures, we also ship in through air if we are running low for some units. In that case, we put in paperwork asking not to be irradiated due to the nature of the product and so far it has worked.

Q: I noticed you are out of stock in some formulas. How often are you out of stock and how quickly do you restock?

Peter: We are out of stock because we have been increasingly busy and weren’t as prepared for it. That will not happen again as we have ordered much more to come into the port than in our previous order. In the event that we are out of stock, we always replenish within 2 weeks.

UPDATE 08/08/2016: I have since written a comprehensive Best European Organic Baby Formula Guide that you should read before making any decisions on what brand to buy!

UPDATE 09/27/2016: Since I partnered with Organic Start, almost a year ago, the company has flourished. (I’d like to think that my review played a small role in helping their business grow.) But, in reality, it has everything to do with their quality product, high level of customer service, and reliable delivery.

Peter currently travels to Germany 1-2 times a month(!) to oversee his warehouse in Germany, where the formula is stored, prior to it being shipped here. This way, he is able to maintain high quality control standards and to ensure that he is getting the freshest product with as few middlemen as possible.

He recently expanded to a large, temperature-controlled warehouse in New York and the facility is spotless. I have included some new pictures and it looks like quite the upgrade.






I am happy to recommend Organic Start as a reliable and trustworthy vendor that is making Holle and other European formula brands more accessible to parents in the US.

Please let me know if you choose to buy formula from Organic Start and how your experience is!

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