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Organic Start Giveaway + Coupon Codes!

It’s been two whole years since I last collaborated with Organic Start on a giveaway. That’s far too long when it comes to working with one of my favorite vendors of organic formula from Europe! (You can read about my review and vetting process here.)

Today, I am happy to announce that Organic Start is generously giving away 3 boxes of the formula of your choice (up to $100 value!)

In conjunction with the giveaway, I want to take this opportunity to also announce that – exclusive to Mommy to Max readers only – Organic Start is offering the following coupon codes:

Organic Start – use coupon code MTM10 for 10% off your order – new customers only! If you need smaller quantities or your formula ASAP.

Organic Start Wholesale – use coupon code MTM5 for 5% off your order. Provides the same great service and products but at bulk prices.


Best European Organic Baby Formula Guide [Updated 2020]

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Considering how many posts I’ve written about European organic baby formula, it’s probably long overdue for me to write a comprehensive European formula guide comparing the best brands. Well, here it is – better late than never!

There are several major European brand formulas that are sold in the US. Interestingly enough, most of them originate from Germany. I don’t know why but Germans seem to produce the gold standard for baby formula worldwide.

I am focusing solely on European formulas because the quality of the milk and the organic farming methods used in Europe are far superior to American brand formulas. Nonetheless, even the European brand formulas discussed will have their downsides. There is no such thing as the perfect infant formula. The best formula is the one that works for your baby and family.

List of Best European Formulas Discussed:


Where to Buy Holle Formula in the USA: Organic Start Review

Update 07/24/19: Unfortunately, Organic Start is no longer selling baby formula. For those looking to purchase European baby formula, I would recommend checking out Organicbabyfood24 which is based in Germany. You can read my review for this company here.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read about my disclosure policy here.

Since writing my Holle Infant Formula Review, I’ve received many inquiries from my readers about where they can buy Holle formula in the United States. Until recently, I did not have any good answers.

The problem with ordering from overseas is that it can be very nerve-wracking. Especially when you can’t be certain of delivery times or that customs won’t open or irradiate your package. And since the FDA does not allow for the commercial sale of Holle (or HiPP) formula in the US, finding a reliable and reputable source for European formula can be difficult. I would never feel safe about buying formula off eBay and I can’t be sure that most sites are selling authentic or non-irradiated formula.

This is where Organic Start comes in. Peter, the owner of Organic Start, reached out to me about featuring his site as a seller of Holle and HiPP formula. After speaking with (“vetting”) him, I feel confident in recommending Organic Start for Holle and HiPP formula to my readers.


Best Organic Formula: Holle Infant Formula Review

Holle Infant Formula Stage 2 Review


When Max was six months old, I started researching all of the different formula brands. I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices on the market. Not only are there a million brands to choose from but, even within each brand, there are a ton of options to consider: iron-fortified, DHA & ARA, probiotics, prebiotics, sensitive, gentle, lactose-relief, etc., etc.

It’s enough to make your head spin.

However, there was one thing I knew for sure: I only wanted to buy organic formula. Since this would be Max’s main form of sustenance for the foreseeable future, I wanted to find the best available option (besides breastmilk, that is).

During my research, I came across this article, published by The Cornucopia Institute. The author gives an in-depth discussion regarding common formula ingredients and the potential side effects of each additive. She ends her review with the finding that Holle infant formula and HiPP may be better than American formula brands.