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Cream Haus Play Mat & Nap Mat Giveaway


I am super excited to announce that I am partnering with Cream Haus – the only foam play mat on my non-toxic play mats guide – for this amazing giveaway!

To find out more about why I consider this foam play mat to be truly non-toxic, you can check out my Cream Haus Folding Play Mat review here.

The best news is that I will be giving away not one but TWO great prizes!!

Two lucky Mommy to Max readers will win:

1) Folding Play Mat ($239.99 value) – A large folding play mat that measures 51″ x 79 ” x 1.6″. It provides a large, comfortable, and safe play surface. We love and use this play mat in Max’s room.
2) Nap Mat ($129.99 value) – A portable play surface that measures 47 ” x 31.5″ x 1.6″. It folds in half and has a carrying handle. This mat is great for newborns and babies for naps and tummy time.

I love hosting giveaways for products I love and this is for sure one of my favorites. 🙂

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The giveaway will run until November 2nd, 2016, 11:59PM EST. Open to US residents only. I will e-mail the winners for their shipping and order information within 24 hours. Good luck!

Top Survival Must-Haves for Baby’s First 3 Months

Now that we’re well past the newborn stage for both kids, I can reflect on the items I could not live without. The following products are the things that helped me make it through the roughest months!!

Top Survival Must-Haves for Baby's First Three Months (2)1. Yoga ball | 2. Beco Gemini baby carrier| 3. Baby Connect app | 4. Cream Haus play mat | 5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance | 6. NoseFrida Snot Sucker | 7. Gap footed one-piece | 8. Dohm sound machine

1. Yoga ball This yoga ball is the unsung hero of our household. Not enough credit is given to yoga balls. If it wouldn’t cause death stares, I would gift a yoga ball at every baby shower.

When I was pregnant, it was a great place to sit to relieve back pain. When I was in labor, it was amazing in helping me to deal with labor pains. And, when I needed to rock my newborn to sleep, nothing worked better than bouncing on a yoga ball. Nothing.

2. Baby carrier – Hands-down the single most essential piece of baby gear for me is a good baby carrier. I am preferential to the Beco Gemini baby carrier for the newborn period because I like how soft and padded the panel is. The base also gets very narrow so the baby can easily be in an optimal M-position.

The number one place a newborn baby wants to be is on you. A baby carrier will save your arms, your back, and your sanity.


Best Non-Toxic Foam Play Mat: Cream Haus Folding Play Mat Review

Non-Toxic Foam Play Mat Cream Haus ReviewI have to preface this review by saying that I did not think there was a foam play mat on the market that I would consider to be truly non-toxic. I was wrong. But if the thought of using plastic anything bothers you, you should just stop reading here. (You can also check out my Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby guide for a comprehensive list of all non-toxic play mats.)

When Cream Haus USA contacted me, requesting a review for their Folding Play Mat, I was skeptical about the mat’s non-toxicity claims. I had never heard of this company but I soon learned that Cream Haus is a premium South Korean brand which, until recently, was not available in the US.

When speaking to Brian, the US distributor for Cream Haus, about the properties of the play mat, he was immediately and unabashedly transparent – something I found very refreshing when dealing with a baby play mat company. He attached two complete and unredacted ASTM reports from a CSPC certified lab for both the polyethylene foam material and the polyurethane leather cover which showed non-detectable limits of heavy metals, lead, and phthalates.

Upon further inquiry, Brian also confirmed that the play mat has been tested for and is free of flame-retardants, formamide, formaldehyde, VOCs and azo dyes.

(These reports have since been published on their website here and here.)


Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby [Updated 2017]


Now that I have a second baby in the household and I need a larger play space, I recently started researching non-toxic play mats again. I previously used and loved the Baby Care Play Mat (which I have reviewed here). But, despite the company’s claims that the mat is made from non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC, I’ve always had my reservations about how safe PVC mats can truly be. Thankfully, I am now better informed about what makes a play mat truly non-toxic.

[Read the report published by Healthy Building Network regarding phthalate-free PVC. In sum, “even without phthalate plasticizers, the lifecycle of PVC has inherent toxicities that cannot be avoided” and plasticizers – phthalates or not – will still leach from PVC products.]

EVA foam play mats are also commonly touted as being non-toxic. However, EVA foam has been found to off-gas formamide. Currently, there are NO 100% formamide-free EVA foam mats on the market. A company can claim that its mats are formamide-free but it can do so because formamide is only tested to a certain level. [Read this article to see why I consider EVA foam still to be toxic.]

After much research, I have compiled a list of truly non-toxic play mats which I will go into more below.

My criteria for non-toxic play mats that make the cut are as follows:
  1. The mat has to be unquestionably non-toxic (so no EVA foam or PVC).
  2. There has to be sufficient protection against bumps and falls on hardwood floors. Otherwise, it’s easy enough to throw an organic cotton blanket on the floor and call it day.
  3. The mat has to be large enough for a baby/toddler to actually play on.
Truly non-toxic play mats:
Questionably “non-toxic” play mats (but at least not made from EVA foam or PVC):