Play Kitchen Food and Accessories Basics Wishlist

Play Kitchen Food and Accessories Wishlist

I previously mentioned that my parents are buying Max a play kitchen for Christmas. Since then, I have been checking out play food sets and kitchen accessories to fill Max’s play kitchen with. My main requirements are high-quality, durable (no cardboard – Max is still too young to not suck on his toys) and non-toxic toys. I had already started collecting a few items in anticipation of Max’s future kitchen. I plan, hopefully, to buy the remaining kitchen accessories over time (and then some as this list is only what I consider to be a good starter set).

1. Melissa & Doug Pots and Pans Set – I make purchases from Melissa & Doug, with reservation. They are considered a reputable toy company… with toys made in China. Not to say toys from China can’t be safe, but there have been past reports of toxins found specifically in Melissa & Doug’s toys. Not to mention, they are not as transparent as most other reputable non-toxic toy companies. However, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel!

2. Melissa & Doug Cooking Utensils – Again, stainless steel.

3. Green Toys Dish Set – Green Toys is a great eco-friendly, non-toxic toy company. Their toys are all made in the USA out of 100% recycled milk jugs (i.e., safe plastic). This dish set is both dishwasher and food-safe.

4. Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set – I will be buying only one Melissa & Doug food set first to evaluate the paint. I love that this set is made of solid wood. BUT I read in a few reviews that some people detected noxious fumes from the paint. I also did a search for Melissa & Doug at and found that, for the most part, their wooden toys have low/no toxicity when tested. Especially their play food items.

5. Melissa & Doug Pantry Food Set – Melissa & Doug’s food sets are cute but I don’t like how their food items aren’t very healthy. Bologna, frozen waffles, ice cream, salad dressing, cheese crackers, canned soup, etc. Don’t get me wrong. I would eat all of those things. I’m only saying that when it comes to pretend play, I would feel better if Max wasn’t pretend playing with highly processed or junk food.

6. Hape Shish Kebob Basics Play Set – Hape is a German toy company and one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Most of their toys are made from wood or bamboo. Their toys are manufactured in China, but I consider Hape to be a reputable and high-quality toy company. It helps that I have not found reports of any toxins found in their toys.

7. Hape Garden Salad Play Set – I love that this food set promotes a healthy eating lifestyle. The salad dressing is olive oil and vinegar with a dash of pepper! How awesome is that?

8. Plan Toys Breakfast Menu – Plan Toys is one of my favorite toy companies. They are consistently recognized for producing high-quality, eco-friendly, and non-toxic toys. Their wood toys are made in Thailand out of organic recycled rubberwood. In addition, they use non-toxic, water-based dyes which is safer than paint since it won’t chip off.

9. Plan Toys Food and Beverage Set – Similar to the Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set but with healthier food options. I love that they included water as a beverage!

10. Woody Puddy Fruit Set in a Box – Woody Puddy is a little-known Japanese wooden toy company. I already have both the fruit set and vegetable set. According to the company, they only use food-safe paint that are free of any heavy metals. I find their toys to be beautifully painted and very well-made. The main reason for my purchase was that they are the only fruit and vegetable chopping toys I have found that utilize magnets as opposed to velcro. This allows for a very satisfying and realistic chop-chop effect.

11. Woody Puddy Vegetable Set in a Box

Update: Check out my first impressions review of the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen.

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