New York Baby Show 2017 – Product Highlights

I was invited to attend and blog about the New York Baby Show by MomtrendsNonetheless, my experience is 100% my honest opinion. You can read about my disclosure policy here

Even though I’m technically out of the “baby” stage, the New York Baby Show was still a lot of fun for me to attend this year!

I loved being able to see some of the newer products on the market and to talk directly with representatives of companies who were familiar with those products.

All the awesome freebies handed out were just bonus!

Anyway, I’d just like to highlight a few products/services that stood out for me:

1. Chess at Three – I had the most fun at this booth. We are a game-loving family and I can’t wait until both kids are old enough for us to have game night together. I would never have imagined that children can learn chess at such a young age (they start private lessons as early as 2 1/2 years old) but the instructors who manned this booth were incredibly fun, energetic, and engaging.

By the time Max left, he had mastered the moves of “King Chomper.” The instructor used such a creative and non-pushy way of teaching chess – I was really blown away.

They offer private lessons for the NYC area. However, they are based in Brooklyn (because this is the exact sort of thing you’d expect from Brooklyn) and don’t go as far as Long Island… yet. I’m hoping they expand their locations soon!

2. Smart Close by Magnificent Baby – I don’t know why magnetic closures for kids’ clothing weren’t invented sooner! Both my kids lived in zipper sleepers from the moment they were born until they were three months old. The thing is, the ease of zippers are only awesome until you need to do a diaper change. Then you end up exposing baby’s chest to the cold. And let’s not even get into how button closures are designed to be like mini torture devices for babies and parents alike.

Magnetic closures is the best of both worlds. It’s sounds like such a simple thing but I think that Magnificent Baby’s Smart Close clothing line is brilliant!

3. Munchkin Grass-Fed Baby Formula – I’ve written extensively about baby formula on my blog. Unfortunately, there has never been a formula on the US market that I thought was equivalent, if not superior (in some ways), to European formulas… until now.

Munchkin is introducing it’s own line of baby formula that, on paper, looks pretty amazing. Briefly, it uses 100% grass-fed milk from New Zealand, lactose as its main sweetener, and tuna oil (hexane-free) for DHA.

When it finally becomes available, it may very well be one of the best US brand formulas on the market.

4. Preemie Mitts by Goumi Kids – I just have to give a shout-out to Goumi Kids for creating the only stay-on mitts for preemies. I was fascinated to learn that preemies are constantly pulling on their tubes yet they don’t have mitts (designed to stay on) especially for them.

The owner of Goumi Kids was approached by a NICU nurse regarding this issue and she designed preemie mitts, in two different sizes, for the tiniest of babies. If that doesn’t make your heart melt, I don’t know what would.

5. Babymel Backpack – The last company I’m featuring had the coolest kids’ backpacks I’ve seen. They also sell diaper bags but what caught my attention were the backpacks.

I love the different designs and your kid will definitely stand out when sporting these. Their backpacks are also very well made and don’t feel flimsy or cheap. In the fall, Babymel plans to introduce a larger size for the 5+ age group. I will be buying one each for the kids!

There were a ton of other interesting vendors but these were only the ones that stood out most to me. I actually spent almost my entire time there, inadvertently, without my press identification. Nonetheless, all of the vendors spent a lot of time speaking with me about their brand and products and I still felt like a VIP.

I would definitely recommend this event for first-time parents and those that are expecting and/or have young kids. I had a great time this year and I’m already looking forward to going back next year!

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