Kiwi Co Koala Crate Review – Wild West – February 2018

What it is:

Kiwi Co is a subscription-based box service for children, ages 24 months to 16+ years old. Every month, Kiwi Co sends a developmentally appropriate box filled with project materials pertaining to a specific theme. There are typically three projects in each box, all of which I have found to be fun and engaging and to revolve around STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) principles.The company has five different lines geared towards children at specific developmental stages:

  1. Cricket (ages 24 months-36 months)
  2. Koala (ages 3-4 years old)
  3. Kiwi (ages 5-8 years old)
  4. Doodle (ages 9-16+ years old)
  5. Tinker (ages 9-16+ years old)

I initially received a sample review box but loved it so much that I got Max a one-year subscription to Koala crate. The best part is, even though Alexa is a bit younger than the recommended age range, I can involve her in the crafts and, with extra guidance, she is fully able to participate in and appreciate the activities.

The cost:

The cost of a box is $19.95/month (or less depending on the length of the subscription – $18.50 for 6 months and $16.95 for 1 year).

The Theme:

This month’s theme is about the wild west.

I always start off by reading aloud imagine! a play and learn magazine for kids featuring the regular cast of characters – Kellan the Koala, Ella the Alligator and Peter the Parrot. Every issue helps to break down, in age-appropriate terms, the concepts behind that month’s theme. The magazine also has additional activities that further explore or enhance the lessons taught.

The Projects:

There is a second booklet provided for parents/older children that show through simple, step-by-step illustrations and instructions how the projects are to be completed. It also lists what supplies are needed, how much parental involvement is anticipated, and how messy the project will be. When Kiwi Co does not supply the material, they are items that most households will already have (e.g., scissors, tape, water).

Bandana – paint your bandana with a handmade horseshoe stamp

The first step in this project was to make a stamp by sticking a thick foam horseshoe on to a clear plastic square. I liked that more than if I were to receive a pre-made stamp since this allowed Max and Alexa to learn something as simple as the process of making a stamp. The kids then covered the stamp with gold paint, using a sponge on a stick, and proceeded to stamp the red cloth square that was provided. (I loved that Koala Crate even included a disposable paint cup so that I didn’t have to dig around for something to put the paint in.)

They decided on the pattern and spacing of how they wanted to design the bandana. This also gave them the opportunity to practice taking turns and waiting patiently while the other one was stamping.

Horseshoe Toss – create hand-painted horseshoe bags and play a game with them

The stamp from the last project was re-used in this one. The kids stamped three bags with the horseshoe design. After the paint dried, we counted out the wooden beads (45) and divided them into three equal groups. Max and Alexa then placed  the beads into the bags and I helped them securely tie it.

This craft was a bit simpler than the rest but each activity is what you make of it – at least we were able to incorporate some math and sorting!

Hobby Horse – make a hobby horse and gallop around like people did in the Wild West

This project required the most parental involvement, otherwise, the horse’s face would have ended up like a Picasso. We took turns stuffing the horse’s head and I liked that the closure for the stuffing was a simple knot solution by looping the horse’s mane. Max and Alexa were able to help close up the head and they then decorated the head with the provided felt stickers.

This is the horse’s “better” side.

Of all of the projects that they worked on, this horse was their favorite. After the horse was completed, they quickly ran off playing as cowboys and cowgirls.

The verdict:

Kiwi Co  is by far my favorite subscription service for kids that I’ve tried. The kids LOVE doing the crafts together and it’s such a great way to spend some quality time with them. I’m not a naturally crafty person/mom so, at less than $20/box, I think it’s an amazing value for the ideas, projects, and materials that you get.

Not to mention, getting a perfectly packaged box of activities is apparently what I need to motivate myself to take that time to do some crafts with the kids.

Finally, this month’s projects allow us add a new theme to our dress-up box. It’s not only superhero capes anymore!

If you are interested in trying out Kiwi Co, you can click on the banner below and get $10.00 off your first month’s subscription (50% savings on the first month!) by using coupon code: SHARE10 

If you’ve ever tried Kiwi Co (or are interested in trying), I’d love to hear you thoughts on this subscription service!

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