Kinderpack Review and How I’ve Scored Them


I’ve joined a babywearing cult. More specifically, the Kinderpack babywearing cult.

Ok, first, let me rewind a little bit to when Max was just a wee baby (HA!). During the newborn to four-month period, my husband and I swore by our Beco Gemini Baby Carrier.

Max hated his swing, never went down in the crib, and unless I was lying next to and/or nursing him, the boy would not nap. The Beco was our GODSEND. I still remember the countless hours that we strapped Max on while bouncing on a yoga ball while playing loud white noise in the background while attempting to eat our lunch/dinner or watch Netflix.

Trust me, if your baby is being exceptionally fussy or refuses to sleep, you will do whatever it takes and this was what worked.

Not to mention that the Beco pretty much saved our lives on our 14-hour international flight.

So, yes, I have always been a HUGE fan of babywearing. Sadly, Max outgrew the Beco a little after he turned a year old and I stopped thinking about babywearing in general.

With the upcoming arrival of Bean, I had to re-evaluate our transportation options. I initially wanted to purchase a double stroller but we had previously invested in an excellent (and expensive) stroller. Plus, I don’t really like maneuvering the single stroller to begin with – let alone a double stroller.

That’s when I started looking into soft structured carriers for toddlers and came across the Kinderpack. The company, Kindercarry, is a small family-owned business started by a stay-at-home mom, based in the US. Each carrier is beautifully handmade by her team of tailors. The carriers range in price from $179-$194 (+$12 shipping) and, depending on the style, come with Koolnit, which is a mesh back panel that promotes air flow. Kinderpacks are also unique in that the back panel is comprised of three panels, creating an exceptionally deep seat for the baby/toddler. This is ideal for the child’s comfort and promotes an M-position carry (where the knees are higher than the bottom) which is the optimal position for a child’s developing hips.

Baby Carrier Position

Public Service Announcement (and personal pet-peeve): PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not carry your baby in a Baby Bjorn crotch-dangler. In general, I love Baby Bjorn products but I think it’s a travesty that their carriers are some of the least comfortable (yet most popular) in the market. If your baby has underlying hip issues, it promotes a potentially unhealthy/dangerous position for your baby to be carried in .

Anyway, after I decided I wanted a Kinderpack, the problem was actually scoring one. Kindercarry has indicated that they do not wish to expand for quality control reasons. Thus, they make roughly 150-200 carriers/week in 2-3 prints… with, allegedly, 5K-30K people attempting to purchase. At. The. Same. Exact. Time. The carriers are usually sold out within the first thirty seconds of stocking.

Nevertheless, every week I’ve been trying because the adrenaline rush of actually scoring is ADDICTIVE!

Some general tips to scoring (UPDATED 2/26/2016):

1. Create an account on the website

2. Use Google Chrome

3. Enable auto fill for your personal information AND credit card (the site accepts all major CC’s)

During stocking days (Monday-Friday at 1PM EST):

1. Log on to your account on the site

2. Type your CVV number down and then copy it (use CTRL + V to paste when the time comes)

3. Pull up the satellite clock on

4. Go to this page and click on the the corresponding link of the size you want to buy. At exactly 12:59:59 (if the carrier doesn’t immediately show, press CTRL + R until it does)


Note: Officially, Kindercarry says there are no cart holds. However, I have found that there must be a temporary hold of some sort. Most recently, I made a few mistakes when inputting my credit card # (I used Internet Explorer instead of Chrome). Yet, a minute later, I was still able to check out.

I don’t exactly understand how the site works but I do believe that if you are lucky enough to immediately cart without hitting the inventory issues screen, there is a much higher chance of actually purchasing a Kinderpack. This has been the case for me every time I have gotten one.

Since Kinderpacks are incredibly difficult to come by, there is also an active B/S/T (buy/sell/trade) group on Facebook with over 19K members that are constantly exchanging the carriers. The resale value of Kinderpacks can be well above the actual retail price (market value typically ranges from $200-$450). Currently, my “stash” consists of two scored at stockings and one that I purchased at market value for Bean.

In the Round Kinderpack

“In the Round” in std/std with graphite Koolnit and graphite straps

Nerd Love todd std Kinderpack

“Nerd Love” in todd/std with red Koolnit and graphite straps – for Max to grow into!

Bee Sweet Kinderpack Infant Standard

“Bee Sweet” in inf/std with graphite Koolnit and graphite straps – for when Bean comes 😀

In terms of comfort for the wearer, according to my husband, despite hours of carrying Max, he is quite comfortable and both Max and he are slightly cooler than in the Beco. (My husband has been wearing Max these days since I have a baby bump in the way and Max doesn’t like back carry – yet.) I have noticed that there are fewer red marks on my husband’s shoulders than when he wore Max in the Beco.

Babywearing also makes traveling sooo much easier. We don’t have to worry about finding elevators for the stroller or trying to maneuver through large crowds. We went through the packed streets of Boston during a pride parade with no trouble at all. I love that Max is pretty much at eye-level and we can easily point out things to him that we both see.

Max with daddy in stdstd Kinderpack

Another thing that I absolutely love is that the Kinderpack has a hood which helps support Max’s head when he falls asleep. Our Beco didn’t come with one (only downside) so we always had to have one hand up supporting Max’s head while he was sleeping. And, this may apply only to Max, but he never falls asleep in his stroller. Yet, on our most recent trip, within five minutes of his regular nap time, he promptly passed out in the Kinderpack while snuggled against my husband.

Max napping with the Kinderpack Koolnit hood up

Max napping with the Koolnit hood up

As you can probably tell, we ♥ Kinderpacks in this family and they are my latest obsession!

UPDATE 09/10/16If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the babywearing market is constantly changing. It is not nearly as difficult to score at stocking these days and the resale market has fallen significantly. The great news is that more people are able to buy it! Wear all the babies. 🙂

UPDATE 05/28/17: It’s been two years since I wrote this review and, thanks to our Kinderpacks, we are still going strong, wearing our three and 1/2 year old and one and 1/2 year old.

In other news, Kindercarry just started a referral program that all customers are eligible for. If you are looking to save some money on your first order, you can use my referral link to receive a coupon for $10.00 off your first Kinderpack. (I will receive a reward point for every dollar you spend via my link, so thanks in advance!)

Do you have or want a Kinderpack? Are there any other carriers that you love?

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