Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer Review

Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer review

The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer is marketed as a bottle warmer that helps to preserve the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk by gently, yet quickly, warming the liquid without any hot spots.

When researching bottle warmers, I fully intended on breastfeeding and pumping. Thus, I felt that preservation of nutrients and antibodies was crucial when warming a bottle. I believed the hype that this bottle warmer is best able to warm a bottle of pumped breast milk, while still protecting the nutrients and antibodies. This justified, to me at least, the hefty price tag. (It is definitely one of the more expensive bottle warmers available).

The warmer itself is beautifully designed. It is very clean-looking with smooth, rounded edges and a cute logo. It has a small footprint. Definitely not an item that needs to be hidden in the kitchen cabinets when not in use.

However, fast forward eight months to when I finally started bottle feeding Max, I realized that a bottle warmer is NOT a necessity.

Pro tip: Take the cold bottle, frozen bag of milk, etc. and place said item in a large bowl under the tap with running hot water. Voilà! You have an easy and fast bottle warmer for free.

And now that I’ve switched to formula, I just mix the bottle with hot water from a Zojirushi Water Boiler and Warmer and room temperature water. Granted, the water boiler is $100 more than the Kiinde Kozii, but we already had one in our household since Mr. C and I are avid tea drinkers.

I guess it’s not fair to call this a review of the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk Warmer and Bottle Warmer. I would more accurately describe it as my advice for first time parents who are considering buying one. I would say, save your money until you know you have a need for one. Don’t buy one in preparation because you may end up like me and never even use it. However, if you do choose to buy a warmer (or register for one, as I did), based on my research, the Kiinde Kozii has excellent reviews and is, in my opinion, the most attractive one on the market.

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