Here We Go Again! (and My First Bump Update: Week 14)

14 Weeks Bump Update

Well… I am happy to announce that I will no longer be just “Mommy to Max.” Mr. C and I are expecting baby #2 (affectionately known as, Bean) and we couldn’t be more excited!

I definitely regret not documenting more of my pregnancy with Max. With this pregnancy, I plan *hope* to journal more of my experiences, thoughts and feelings. So without further ado….

How far along: 14 weeks


Total weight gain: about 4 lbs.

Clothes: I’m still in all of my regular clothes. I’m very petite so it’s difficult for me to find real maternity clothing. When I was pregnant with Max, I remember excitedly going into a Pea in a Peapod store, spending hours looking for something, and leaving empty-handed and utterly deflated. I ended up not wearing any maternity clothes (except for work pants and leggings) and I hope I can get by this time too. Plus, maternity clothes are ridiculously expensive for such a short period of wear time.

Body changes: Nothing major yet. I definitely have a small belly popping out… and lots of bloat. But no obvious baby belly. Actually, come to think of it, my boobs sort of deflated after weaning Max and they are coming back in full force. Score!

Symptoms: I really can’t complain much. I have been very lucky that in both of my pregnancies I’ve had relatively minor symptoms. And, this time, even less so. I did throw up a handful of times when I was pregnant with Max. Still haven’t done so with this one. However, I do feel less energetic. I don’t feel the energy and “glow” of pregnancy that I remember having with Max. Granted, it is more exhausting when you have a toddler running around so that may very well be the reason.

Also, I already started experiencing a symptom that haunted me during my last pregnancy. This past week, I’ve had nightly Braxton Hicks contractions. Last pregnancy, I had to go to labor and delivery triage, was placed on modified bedrest, and dealt with concerns about preterm labor my entire third trimester. So having Braxton Hicks this early on has been very demoralizing. On the brighter side of things, my uterus seems to really like to work out.

Finally, I swear I’ve started feeling movements. Like small little bubbles low in my pelvis. They aren’t distinct and I can only feel them when I’m lying down. But I thiiiiink I feel Bean already, which, you know, is awesome.

Food aversions: I normally LOVE dessert. Love, love, love. Now I can’t stand things that are purely sweet (without a sour kick) and chocolate.

Food cravings: I’m incredibly ashamed to acknowledge the amount of salty fried crap I’ve been eating this time around. My diet has definitely been a lot less healthy… but, oh man, the buttermilk fried chicken with sweet pickles and spicy horseradish roumalade from Bare Burger reaaalllly hits the spot. MMMMMMMM.

I’ve been binging a lot on heavy, savory foods. Especially if it has a little bit of acidity (tartar sauce! pickles!) and/or spiciness. Ok, if you can’t tell, I have some foodie tendencies and it comes out in full force when I’m pregnant. Also, if it’s true that your cravings are dictated by gender then Bean will probably be a boy because these are the same cravings I had with Max!

Sleep: I remember having lots of dreams my last pregnancy and the dreams have definitely started back up again. To be quite honest, they are more like nightmares. Other than that, sleep is not terrible. I haven’t started waking up at least once a night to pee yet. So there’s that.

Best moment of the week: I had my first ultrasound this week. Seeing Bean on the monitor was amazing. I can’t think of anything more reassuring than seeing that your baby is alive and well inside of you. Bean is measuring right on target – to the day! (Benefits of knowing your conception date.) We also had a nuchal translucency screening done this time around. I opted out of all testing for Max but my midwife convinced me to get tested for Bean. I agreed because we are planning on a homebirth so it’s important to be more prepared (in case there might be any potential issues.) Happily, the scan showed no abnormalities.

13 Weeks Ultrasound

Thoughts: Mr. C and I are so thrilled to be having our second child. And, for at least a month, there will be two under two! However, I am also anxious this time. About entirely different things. With Max it was a lot about the uncertainty of birth and my ability to give birth without medication. This time, my concerns are largely financial (kids are expensive!) and about how Max will adapt and get along with his sibling. If how he treats Mochi is any indication (regularly beating her up despite our best efforts) then I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned.

Looking forward to: I’ll be meeting with my midwife next week. Can’t wait to hear Bean’s heartbeat again!

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