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I will only recommend products I personally use and love. I will never endorse a product or company without having tried them. I sometimes include affiliate links for products I don’t recommend, but mention in a post, for informational purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, all of the items I am reviewing were either bought and paid for by me or gifted by friends and relatives. If a company has sent me a free product for review or is sponsoring a post, I will make it explicitly clear in the actual post. Regardless, I will still give you my 100% honest opinion, finding, belief, or experience on that product or company. I also promise, to the best of my ability, to provide a comprehensive and unbiased review.

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This is a personal blog written and edited by me. The views and beliefs expressed on this blog are purely my own. I am not a healthcare or medical professional. I do not have a degree or any training in healthcare, medicine, or nutrition. I do not have a scientific background. I am writing this blog based solely off of my own personal experiences and research as a layperson. Please do NOT construe anything I say as medical advice. If you need medical advice, speak to your pediatrician.

And, of course, all posts are based on MY opinion. Every baby and family is different, so any products reviewed or advice given are in relation to my family only. Please do not take offense if you do not agree with me. There is no right or wrong, just what worked for my family or didn’t work.