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Bear Mountain Park Adventure

Took the kids hiking at Bear Mountain Park yesterday and it turned out to be quite the adventure (both good and bad)!

The start of a great adventure.

We started on the Major Welch trail going up (.4 mile trail and 1.5 mile rock scramble).

Alexa was the bravest three year old on the mountain. She took a small spill in the beginning (stumbled over a root) and we thought the trip would be over before it even began. But she bravely continued on with us and once we started the rock scramble portion, she clambered up like a little monkey.

Max, however, ended up being the best climber out of all of us. He kept scrambling ahead, leaving us in the dust and then waiting for his old, out-of-shape parents to catch up.


The words that gave me body dismorphia

I turned 35 this month. I’m 35, with two amazing kids, a husband that is my best friend and a career that gives me incredible satisfaction. We are all healthy and our parents and siblings are healthy.

I literally could not ask for any more in my life.

Yet a few words and a pinch from my mom and, in a flash, all of my insecurities that go as far back as high school came flooding back.

My parents joined my husband and me and my two kids for dinner last night. We had already started eating.

My mom sat down and said, “Wah, don’t you think you’ve eaten enough, look at your stomach!” Then she reached over to pinch the flab that was protruding out of my stomach.

I angrily swatted her hand away which caused her to renew her efforts and grab an even bigger chunk of my fat.

I was livid and told her as much. She laughed it off and acted as if it wasn’t a big deal. And, in an effort to not make a scene and keep the peace, I let it go and we did end up having an enjoyable dinner.

It’s my mom and these are just the many things I’ve learned to accept and endure through the years.


The Baby Mini Doc Project Review

I have not been blogging nearly enough lately but no one told me that September is the most hectic month of the year when you have school-aged kids! Also, so much life has just been happening lately but that’s for another day and another post…

Several months back, I was introduced to Melissa Gomez who is the creator and founder of The Baby Mini Doc Project. Melissa is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who decided to focus her talents on tinier humans after she became a mom herself. After numerous back and forth discussions, we agreed to collaborate and the end result is that I received a truly priceless short film of my family that will bring us many, many years of nostalgia and joy.


Yes, I Let My Son Wear Nail Polish

A few weeks ago, Max came home from school asking me if I could paint his nails. Since he has never seen me wear nail polish, or really any makeup for that matter, I was a bit surprised.

I asked him why he would want to paint his nails and his response was that his friends A and P (both girls) painted their nails.

I told him that I would look into buying some polish for him.

He then proceeded to ask me every day after that if I had bought the nail polish yet. Since I had agreed to get him nail polish, I researched and found a non-toxic nail polish brand and showed him and Alexa the color choices. Max chose a sparkly blue and Alexa chose a bubble gum pink.

When the polish finally came, he saw both colors and excitedly asked me to paint one hand blue and one hand pink.

While I was painting his nails, he couldn’t stop telling me how excited he was to show his friends A and P that he had painted nails too. When I finished, the kid was positively beaming.

Unfortunately, this was during spring break so his polish quickly chipped off. He made me promise to repaint his nails so that when he started school, he would have freshly painted nails.

Whenever Max makes decisions that make me concerned about how he will be perceived in public (like the time he insisted on lavender purple and hot pink sneakers), I always try my best to prepare him.

I ask him, do you know that people might make fun of you? Some people might say that those are girl sneakers? Will you be upset if they say that?

He always reassures me that he’ll be okay, that he knows it’s not true, and that boys and girls can like or do the same things.

Of course I can’t help but still worry because kids can be brutal.


10 Major Differences Between the First and Second Child

Ahh… the joys of having more than one kid.

I think parents of multiples can appreciate how drastically things change when the second (or third, fourth, or fifth) one comes along. We strive to treat our children equally but that’s impossible because we have fundamentally changed as parents and, well, our resources are limited.

These are the ten major differences that I’ve found, now that Alexa is older.

1. Celebrating Every Little Thing

First Child: Oh! Look at him kicking the toy! That’s amazing! (Meanwhile,at a few days old, all Max was doing was lying on his activity gym and kicking a hanging toy with reflexive, jerky motions.)

Second Child:  She started cruising today! (You still get excited, but only about major milestones. The first laugh, the first steps, the first time she calls you mama. It takes a lot more to phase a second time parent.)

2. Remembering Every Little Detail

First Child: He started walking at 10 months 24 days.

Second Child: She started walking around the time she turned one.

First Child: His first word was ball.

Second Child: Her first word was… Shoot. I don’t remember.

3. Talking about Age

First Child: My son is 10 days old.

Second Child:  My daughter is 1 week old.

First Child: My son is 13 weeks old.

Second Child: My daughter is 3 months old. How many weeks is that? I have no idea.

First Child: My son is 10 months old.

Second Child: My daughter is almost 1. How many months? (Tries to do some quick math in head.) 9… no 10!

First Child: My son is 27 months old.

Second Child: My daughter is 2.5 years old.