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Best European Organic Baby Formula Guide [Updated 2020]

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Considering how many posts I’ve written about European organic baby formula, it’s probably long overdue for me to write a comprehensive European formula guide comparing the best brands. Well, here it is – better late than never!

There are several major European brand formulas that are sold in the US. Interestingly enough, most of them originate from Germany. I don’t know why but Germans seem to produce the gold standard for baby formula worldwide.

I am focusing solely on European formulas because the quality of the milk and the organic farming methods used in Europe are far superior to American brand formulas. Nonetheless, even the European brand formulas discussed will have their downsides. There is no such thing as the perfect infant formula. The best formula is the one that works for your baby and family.

List of Best European Formulas Discussed:


Where to Buy Holle Formula from Germany: organicbabyfood24 Review

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I’m back to write another Holle formula post! But, I promise, this is the last vendor I will be working with. I previously found a great source for Holle in the US. However, the main issue with imported European formula sold in the US is… the cost. It’s a lot more expensive. That’s why I decided to partner with (and vet) a vendor based in Germany to find another, more affordable source for Holle, HiPP, and Lebenswert. (It does mean more planning on your end because regular shipping takes about 2-3 weeks.)

The company I am talking about is organicbabyfood24 (a.k.a. Organic Baby Food). I have had enough readers recommend organicbabyfood24 in the comments section of my Holle review that I thought it was worth checking them out.

So let me tell you a little about organicbabyfood24:

organicbabyfood24 is trusted. They have a Trusted Shops certification. (You can view the certificate here.) What that means is: fulfills the Trusted Shops quality criteria and is thus awarded the Trusted Shops trustmark. Compliance with the criteria is continuously audited by experts. The audit covers areas such as data protection, costs and payment, delivery terms, returns processing and customer service.

You can protect your purchase up to an amount of EUR 2,500 against the loss of your payment in the event of non-delivery or after the return of the goods – regardless of the method of payment. The guarantee runs for 30 days. The shop bears the costs of the buyer protection for you!

Since the package has to go through customs, knowing that it will be insured up to $2,500 in the event of non-delivery is definitely reassuring.

organicbabyfood24 is fast (for shipping from Germany). Normally, all orders are processed and shipped on the same or next business day. Shipping takes approximately 2-3 weeks but they also offer expedited shipping which takes about 1-3 days business days. (East Coast is generally only 1 business day!!)

organicbabyfood24 is reliable. They have a large warehouse so they rarely run out of stock. In the majority of cases, they still have enough in-stock when there are temporary manufacturer supply chain issues.


Best Vitamin D Drops for Baby: Baby Ddrops Review

Baby Ddrops

Since I am back in baby mode and nursing a newborn, I am reminded of the issue I faced with vitamin D supplementation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all infants have a minimum daily intake of vitamin D of 400 IU/day beginning in the first few days of life.

For nursing moms who do not wish to give their infants any supplementation, the AAP recently published a study finding that “[m]aternal vitamin D supplementation alone with 6400 IU/day safely supplies breast milk with adequate vitamin D to satisfy the requirement of her nursing infant and offers an alternate strategy to direct infant supplementation.”

As we head into the winter months, I know both Alexa and I do not get an adequate amount of sunlight per day. However, I do not want to take an excessive amount of vitamin D, so I am opting to supplement Alexa with a drop of liquid vitamin D3 instead.

This is where Baby Ddrops comes in. I also used Baby Ddrops back when I was nursing Max. I loved it then and I still love it now. In one drop, you get 400 IU of pure vitamin D. It is virtually tasteless, odorless and incredibly easy to administer. I just wait for Alexa to start nursing and let ONE drop trickle down my breast and into her mouth. She doesn’t even notice.


Where to Buy Holle Formula in the USA: Organic Start Review

Update 07/24/19: Unfortunately, Organic Start is no longer selling baby formula. For those looking to purchase European baby formula, I would recommend checking out Organicbabyfood24 which is based in Germany. You can read my review for this company here.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read about my disclosure policy here.

Since writing my Holle Infant Formula Review, I’ve received many inquiries from my readers about where they can buy Holle formula in the United States. Until recently, I did not have any good answers.

The problem with ordering from overseas is that it can be very nerve-wracking. Especially when you can’t be certain of delivery times or that customs won’t open or irradiate your package. And since the FDA does not allow for the commercial sale of Holle (or HiPP) formula in the US, finding a reliable and reputable source for European formula can be difficult. I would never feel safe about buying formula off eBay and I can’t be sure that most sites are selling authentic or non-irradiated formula.

This is where Organic Start comes in. Peter, the owner of Organic Start, reached out to me about featuring his site as a seller of Holle and HiPP formula. After speaking with (“vetting”) him, I feel confident in recommending Organic Start for Holle and HiPP formula to my readers.


Looks like I have gestational diabetes

I was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

I’ll be honest, prior to failing my 3-hr glucose tolerance test, I was probably too cocky. I thought there could be no way I would have gestational diabetes. After all, I have been gaining the perfect amount of weight, Bean is measuring completely on track, my blood pressure is excellent, and, in general, this pregnancy has just been going SO SMOOTHLY!

Even my midwife had told me that she was pretty confident that I didn’t have gestational diabetes… famous last words.

So I couldn’t help but feel shocked, upset, stressed, worried, depressed and a whole slew of other emotions when I first found out that I had failed.

However, as a true optimist at heart, I always try to see the silver lining in every situation. My biggest fear about having gestational diabetes is how it might potentially affect Bean. That’s why, even though I’m really only borderline, I’d rather be just over the cutoff than under.

3 GTT results

I barely failed (really by 1 point each on two tests), but I think it was for the best.

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes is a TOTAL wake up call for me to evaluate my diet and eat more healthily. I have completely cut out refined sugar. I am conscious to eat more greens and proteins and fewer carbohydrates. I am also making sure to snack in between meals.