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10 Major Differences Between the First and Second Child

Ahh… the joys of having more than one kid.

I think parents of multiples can appreciate how drastically things change when the second (or third, fourth, or fifth) one comes along. We strive to treat our children equally but that’s impossible because we have fundamentally changed as parents and, well, our resources are limited.

These are the ten major differences that I’ve found, now that Alexa is older.

1. Celebrating Every Little Thing

First Child: Oh! Look at him kicking the toy! That’s amazing! (Meanwhile,at a few days old, all Max was doing was lying on his activity gym and kicking a hanging toy with reflexive, jerky motions.)

Second Child:  She started cruising today! (You still get excited, but only about major milestones. The first laugh, the first steps, the first time she calls you mama. It takes a lot more to phase a second time parent.)

2. Remembering Every Little Detail

First Child: He started walking at 10 months 24 days.

Second Child: She started walking around the time she turned one.

First Child: His first word was ball.

Second Child: Her first word was… Shoot. I don’t remember.

3. Talking about Age

First Child: My son is 10 days old.

Second Child:  My daughter is 1 week old.

First Child: My son is 13 weeks old.

Second Child: My daughter is 3 months old. How many weeks is that? I have no idea.

First Child: My son is 10 months old.

Second Child: My daughter is almost 1. How many months? (Tries to do some quick math in head.) 9… no 10!

First Child: My son is 27 months old.

Second Child: My daughter is 2.5 years old.


Lessons from Daniel the Tiger


As any parent with more than one kid knows, sharing can be a big issue among siblings.

Max is fickle when it comes to sharing with Alexa. Some days he’s great, other days not so much.

Well, a few days ago, we were watching an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood about Daniel the Tiger having trouble sharing with his baby sister, Margaret. Dad Tiger comes over and explains to Daniel that he should try sharing with his sister because they might have more fun by playing together. Dad Tiger explains it by singing, “Sharing with you is fun for me too.

I thought it was the perfect jingle to remind Max to share with his sister. So I had everyone sing it a few times.

Of course I patted myself on the back for being an awesome mom at teaching life lessons.

A few hours later, we all went out to the supermarket. I bought myself a box of chocolate Belvitas for breakfast. Max must have been eyeing it the entire way because, the second we arrived home, he grabbed the box and demanded to have some.

I told him absolutely not! It was close to his dinner time and, more importantly, I never planned on giving him any of the Belvitas in the first place.

So Max comes up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder (I’m squatting down to put away the groceries). He looks at me all wide-eyed and with a very earnest expression on his face. I have no idea what’s about to hit me.

He opens his mouth and starts to sing, “Sharing with you is fun for me too. Sharing with you is fun for me too. Sharing with you is fun for me too.”

Let’s just say, he got the Belvitas.

Eat Cookie, Mommy


A quick post to capture Max’s personality:

So after Max wakes up from his nap, we often share cookies together while I enjoy an afternoon tea. He gets one cookie and I get three. I know, life isn’t fair.

Anyway, today, the experience went something like this:

“Mommy have cookie.”


“Max have cookie.”


He points at my mug on the glass table and motions towards the coasters.

I put my mug on a coaster.

“Mommy, roll up sleeves.”


I roll up my sleeves.


Mommy Confessions #2

Mommy Confessions #2

Dear Son,

I’m almost 100% sure that you’ve eaten Mochi’s kibble at some point. *gag*

How do I know this, you ask?

I’ve never actually caught you in the act. BUT, these days, you will meticulously pick up each piece of kibble that falls out of her food bowl and place it back inside.

Knowing you (and your fondness for eating things off the floor), there is no way you would do that unless you knew that dog food was not yummy.


What are your mommy confessions?

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Mommy Confessions #1

Mommy Confessions #1

I’ve decided to start chronicling my mommy confessions. I have A LOT. Maybe one day Max will look at these and get a kick out of it. Maybe not. But, hey, this is parenthood at its finest.

Dear Son,

Sometimes you eat things off the kitchen floor and I don’t even try to stop you.

1. Telling you NOT to eat something just makes you shove whatever it is into your mouth at lightning speed.

2. I don’t have the speed or energy or drive to get to you in time anyway.

3. At least you are eating more of the meal that you just flung from the high chair.

4. Germs are good for your immunity, right?


What are your mommy confessions?

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