Bump & Gestational Diabetes Update: Weeks 29 & 30

30 weeks bump update

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: Expecting a little Miss Bean

Total weight gain: about 18lbs.

Clothes: Pictured is the only maternity top I’ve purchased so far. I really should buy more but also find it so hard to buy clothing that I’m only going to wear for another two months.

Body changes: Just a growing belly.

Symptoms: OMG the heat is the absolute worst. I’m having a harder and harder time getting motivated to go outside. If I didn’t have Max I would be in front of the AC. All day.

I don’t really have any specific symptoms to report. Just “being” is getting more difficult – breathing, moving, thinking. Nothing terrible but certainly not the same as when I’m not pregnant.

Food aversions: None.

Food cravings: I maaaay be craving sweets & fried foods. But not to the extent where I MUST have it. I think it’s just because I know I CAN’T have it right now. Before, there weren’t any limits to my diet and now there is. You always want what you can’t have, right?

Sleep: When I was first diagnosed with GD my sleep quality plummeted. I would keep waking up in the middle of the night to test my blood sugar (obsessively). Now that I have reached a level of acceptance, it is slowly improving again.

Best moment(s) of the week:

1. We visited a friend’s preschool which was hosting a “Summer Day of Play event.” It is a private school located out in Long Island on 60 acres of greenery. It is an absolutely stunning school and there were so many diverse activities available. We had so much fun playing with clay, sand art, the playground, and just running around. Seeing Max love being in a school environment really makes my heart swell.


Playing dress up in the library

2. Mr. C and Max got a father and son haircut! It was super cute to see them cutting their hair together. His last (and first) cut was three months ago so we were definitely due. No tears were shed this time but Max still cringes when the clipper gets too close to his ears or eyes.

Max's second haircut

Look at this handsome fella!

Gestational diabetes update: This is sort of difficult to write. It’s been about a week and a half since I was diagnosed and, thankfully, I am in a much better mental place now. But, I fell to a really low point about a week in. There was nothing I could do to get my fasting levels under the target range and I felt so much guilt and stress and responsibility because of it.

I started to feel that my blood was toxic to Bean and that all of the food I was eating was toxic to Bean. I also started releasing ketones in my urine, due to my low carb diet, and lost a few pounds which freaked me the eff out. (I know this sounds really freaking extreme but pregnancy hormones, OK?!) I *may* have had a couple meltdowns where I broke down crying uncontrollably. I also felt very, very alone in the ordeal. Mr. C, to his credit, really tried his best to be supportive and was truly amazing (including letting himself be jabbed by the needle and shotting apple cider vinegar – FYI: DO NOT ONE-SHOT APPLE CIDER VINEGAR). But I still fell into a deep, dark ditch despite his best efforts.

After days of attempting to control my fasting levels – no midnight snack, midnight snack of protein only, midnight snack of protein and carbs, etc. etc. etc., I finally came to the realization that I truly could not do anything about it! It was almost laughable considering how hard I tried. And that’s when I finally reached… acceptance.

Knowing that this was completely outside of my control really helped me feel better about my situation. I may need medication to help me lower my fastings and I’m finally OK with that. I am slightly ashamed about how off the wall I went in the past week. But, I also know that is exactly what I needed to work through all of my emotions and to finally arrive to where I am now.

Looking forward to: I was supposed to be done with ultrasounds but, due to having GD, I’ll get to see Bean again to make sure she’s OK. I’m very curious as to when position she’s currently in because I’m getting tons of jabs all over the place.

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