Best Non-Toxic Play Mat: Peppermint Pinwheels Quilted Play Mat Review

Non Toxic Play Mat Review - Peppermint PinwheelsI’ve come to realize: I have a thing for play mats. I’ve always liked fabrics, blankets, and comfy, cozy things. I guess that translates into a love for beautifully designed, high-quality, non-toxic play mats. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that I have found a winner with the Peppermint Pinwheels Quilted Play Mat.

Awhile back, when I was doing research for my non-toxic play mats guide, I came across a few recommendations for Peppermint Pinwheels but I was reluctant to include it on my list. I could not find many in-depth reviews and I was concerned that the quilted play mats did not provide sufficient padding for hardwood floors.

But these beautiful and unique play mats made an impression on me and have always stayed in the back of my mind. Since Alexa is becoming more and more mobile (and has hit her head on our floors more times than I care to admit), I decided to buy a play mat for our living room area. I reached out to the owner of Peppermint Pinwheels, Stacey, and she generously provided me with a discounted mat for review.

Peppermint Pinwheels play mats are all handmade, by Stacey, from thick, canvas-weight 100% cotton fabrics and are completely non-toxic. The play mats come with padding that is either a single or double layer of 100% unbleached cotton batting. There is an option to add a triple layer of batting to make the mat thicker and/or a waterproof PUL layer to make the mat waterproof. (It is worth noting that PUL, polyurethane laminate, might have toxicity concerns. However, the PUL will be sandwiched between thick cotton layers so any exposure to potential toxins will most likely be inconsequential.)

All play mats are quilted in a diamond-stitch pattern to keep the padding from shifting and the edges are double-stitched for durability.

Currently, there are still single fabric choices in the shop (I chose the yellow dandelion print) but Stacey is in the process of changing the play mats to be even more eco-friendly. Therefore, once the remaining yardage of single fabrics is used up, she will start using off-cuts of fabrics – often from home decor pillow production – where the resulting look will be more like the patchwork quilt pictured below.

Peppermint Pinwheels non-toxic play mat review - patchwork quilt

The play mats range in size from approximately 40-60 square inches. However, the size is completely customizable and you can always speak to Stacey for a custom fit. I requested a 55″ x 65″ mat for my living room area and it’s perfect.

Non Toxic Play Mat - Peppermint Pinwheels Review

I love that the color and pattern does not clash in our living room and scream “baby!”

But my favorite feature about this play mat is that it can be machine-washed and machine-dried – with no cover to remove. I am always a sucker for things that are easy to clean and I can’t tell you how awesome it is that I can just throw this into the washer and dryer. Of course, bear in mind that the mat is 100% cotton so putting it in the dryer will result in shrinkage and a puffier, wrinkly “quilt” look. (If you care, you can always line-dry it.)

Non Toxic Play Mat - Peppermint Pinwheels Review - Side by side

Before and after washing.

Personally, I prefer the quilted look so I promptly washed the play mat and threw it in the dryer. The play mat that I received measured approximately 54″ x 65″. After washing and drying on high, it now measures approximately 53″ x 63.5″. Not too bad. On the plus side, the mat seems to feel a tiny bit thicker as well.

I ordered a play mat with a double layer of padding. While I definitely feel that this mat is thick enough to protect against falls on hardwood floors, it is not as well-cushioned or shock-absorbent as a traditional play mat. The play mat will certainly prevent injury but not necessarily the shock or pain from falls. I considered the triple-layer but decided it wasn’t necessary for my family since Alexa is already at an age where she is more stable and has less spills.

My biggest issue – actually, my only issue – is that the play mat is slippery on hardwood floors. It is not, in my opinion, safe to put the mat on wooden floors without something underneath to prevent slippage. As a quick solution, I placed the play mat on top of a yoga mat and that helped secure it. An anti-slip rug pad would probably be a better option and will add additional cushion as well!

Ever since I received the play mat, it has become the go-to spot for my family to spend time on the floor together. As a parent, I feel wonderful knowing that my children and I are on such a non-toxic, safe, and comfortable surface.


Max losing very “graciously” during game night. At least he’s stuffing his face into a non-toxic surface!

If you are looking for an attractive, high-quality, durable, 100% non-toxic play mat, this is it. Peppermint Pinwheels is providing my readers with the coupon code: NONTOXICMAT for free shipping on orders over $35. And if you end up buying one of her play mats, I’d love to hear what you think!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for writing this post. I did, however, receive a blogger’s discount for review purposes. Nonetheless, this review is 100% my honest opinion and, to the best of my ability, an unbiased review.

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