Alexa: 1 Month Update

Baby Alexa's 1 Month Update
I’ll be honest, I’m not one of those moms that get all mushy and squishy over the newborn stage. And as horrible as it is to write these words out, the truth is, I really think of Alexa more as a blob at this point. A really cute and plump blob but a blob nonetheless.

Without question, I would do anything to protect her, nurse her, and try to keep her from crying. But I am not madly and deeply in love with her… yet. It may not be the norm, but that’s okay. I know that, very soon, I will be so in love with her it will drown me. I felt the same way with Max. And when the realization of just how much I loved him finally flooded over me, I ended up penning a love letter to him in the wee hours of a sleepless night.

I see this period of time as just a time that I have to survive. I certainly enjoy and savor some of the sweet moments that are, admittedly, fleeting: Her dainty and delicate baby hands and feet; Her little squeaks and grunts; Her milk breath and rosebud lips. But overall, the days and nights just blend into one long exhausting day.

newborn fingers

Look at those fingers!

So far, baby Alexa hasn’t been nearly as difficult to care for as Max was. This is partially because Mr. C and I are veterans at this point. (I still remember ringing for the nurse at the birth center to help us change Max’s diaper! We were totally clueless.) But even more than that, their personalities and temperaments are also incredibly different. Unlike Max, Alexa is easy to rock to sleep. She can actually be put down without always waking up and screaming. She nurses for no more than 30 min. She doesn’t comfort suck. If she’s done eating and I try to stick my boob in her mouth to get her to stop crying, she gets MAD. (Let me tell you, during the first couple of months, Max was attached to my breast like a leech. I thought I hated it but, I now realize, I actually loved it.) She is rarely ever conscious. When she is conscious, she doesn’t really like to be held and would prefer to lie flat on her back. (So weird.)

newborn milk drunk

Milk drunk baby 🙂

I really can’t complain. The hardest thing for Mr. C and me to handle right now is just nighttime sleep. When Alexa was first born, she slept so much that I actually became worried and woke her up. HA. What a noob mistake. (Max never slept long enough for me to worry.) Anyway, lesson learned – don’t wake a sleeping baby and enjoy the sleep while you can. Alexa now sleeps for 1 1/2 hr to 2 hr stretches at night. Not the worst but definitely not great either.

newborn sleeping on me

Alexa’s favorite sleeping spot – mommy or daddy of course!

What makes things the most difficult about having a newborn this time around is more about the we-also-have-a-crazy-toddler aspect. Max can drain two normal high-functioning adults on a regular day. So it’s even more taxing when we are trying to keep up with him on fragmented sleep.

But it’s all worth it because the highlight of my day is when I see Max interacting with Alexa. He can be really rough and tumble but with Alexa he is so gentle and sweet. He races into the room every morning to greet her with the biggest grin on his face while screaming “mei-mei!!!” (This boy does not know how to contain his enthusiasm.) He loves lying next to her, stroking her hair, her chest. He likes to touch her eyes and mouth. He likes to hold her hands and say “small hand” then look at his own hands and say “big hand.” He always give her a kiss when we ask him to (even if he won’t give me one!) And when she starts crying, he pats her chest to comfort her. If that doesn’t work (it usually doesn’t), he will try to scoop her up to hand her to me. When I see them together, it makes my heart melt and I can’t wait to see their amazing bond grow.

big brother and ilttle sister

This is sibling love <3

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the transition for Max to having a sibling, although smooth, has not been seamless. Since Mr. C is hands down his favorite person in the world, Max sometimes has a hard time coping when Mr. C is holding Alexa. We are all making a conscious effort to shower Max with extra, extra love and attention when we can. And Mr. C and Max have had a few solo outings together. We are just grateful that, although Max will whine and cry for Mr. C to hold him too, he has not yet taken out his frustrations on Alexa.

This month has really flown by. We survived decently well. (I was expecting much worse after our experience with Max.) And if there’s one thing Max has shown me, it’s that every month is a better month.

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