Blog Income & Traffic Report – August 2016

Mommy to Max - Blog Income & Traffic Report - August 2016

I published my last blog income & traffic report exactly half a year ago. I mentioned that these reports were not going to be a regular feature on my blog but I do think it’s worth updating at certain intervals.

Up until recently, I did not consider myself a “real” blogger. Some of it probably stems from my own insecurities: I know there are a lot of bloggers out there that write better than me, design better than me, and take better pictures than me. But, my blog has reached a point where I can no longer deny that, yes, I am a blogger.

Blog traffic and income has its ebbs and flows. What I have found, though, is that the blogging world is a true meritocracy. In the past 6 months, I have put in a lot more effort into growing my blog and I can definitely see the results.


Amazon CPM Ads: $28.77 – I only have Amazon CPM ads in two ad spaces so I am happy with this return. I initially mentioned getting fill rates of 50-60% even though I set my CPM at $2.00. However, those rates soon dropped to about 30-40%.

I recently changed my CPM to $1.50 and my fill rates have improved to around 50%. The point is, you have to play around with the CPM to figure out what works best for you.

Google AdSense: $6.16 – Google AdSense is my backup for when my Amazon ads don’t fill. Not terrible but not great either. It would have been lower if someone hadn’t clicked one of the ads for a $2.50 click! If you have visitors who are more likely to click your ads, Google AdSense is the way to go.

Amazon Associates: $748.89 – I’ve noticed that since my last report, the Google Gods started to send me more organic search engine traffic and that significantly boosted my Amazon earnings. (Google’s algorithm had an update in June which is around the same time I noticed a bump in traffic.)

Affiliate Window: $58.24 – I mainly use Affiliate Window for Etsy.

ShareASale: $4.20 – ShareASale features a lot of smaller merchants that are popular with affiliate bloggers.

Direct Affiliate Sales: $1817.12

Direct Ad Sales: $500.00

Total Income: $3,163.38


SiteGround: $12.88/month – I had to upgrade my hosting services since my last update.

PayPal: $53.90

Total expenses: $66.78

Net Income: $3,096.60



  • Total unique visitors: 9,977
  • Total page views: 17,531

The last time I wrote about my traffic, it took me almost a year to double my readership. I have now doubled it again – but in only six months time. An improvement in Google rankings definitely helped. But I have also increased my presence in social media. I made more efforts to share my posts in different forums. And I sponsored my own giveaway – as promised – when I reached 300 followers on my Facebook page.


It is important to set goals as a blogger and to keep track of progress. These reports allow me to see how much I’ve grown since I first started out.

Right now, my goal is to continue to diversify my affiliate income and to find more ways to increase traffic.

I am proud of what I’ve accomplished with my blog. I am currently writing a series on How to Make Money Blogging that I intend to publish soon. I want to share the strategies I’ve used in setting up and growing my income-producing “mommy” blog. I also intend to explain in detail how I achieved my direct affiliate sales figure. 🙂

I hope that I can be an inspiration to those of you who have ever considered blogging. It just goes to show that, with time, hard work and persistence pays off! And if I can do it, you can definitely do it too.

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